July 18, 2021 at 08:11PM

The previous post. Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with running in the (hamster) wheel. I am still running there. The issues start emerging when they do not realize that they are in the wheel. Well, that’s their choice, and I have no problem with them running. However, what I am experiencing now is them forcing us to run on their wheels.

Of course, the running wheel is a metaphor. Therefore, the running wheel is all different based on our values, common understanding, and most importantly “Culture”. I do not see any problem as long as they run within their cultural running wheels (ideally with their mindfulness to realize that they are running). The Cultural Issue becomes significant when someone pushes their value of “bigger wheel is awesome” or “more efficient wheel will give you better results” when we are well-balanced with what we have. It happened all over the world. It is happening to Sashiko (and probably many other hand-crafting cultures) now.

Unfortunately, I need to be running on various kinds of wheels to be “strong” enough to speak up. Not everyone is ready to even realize what they are doing. Well. You know it by now if you understand what I am writing here. Not Only do they repaint something they do not own, They Decide what Happiness is For you. They try to convince you that the color they repainted is better, as if running in their wheel will bring us more “Happiness”. Unfortunately, those people often do not stitch Sashiko.


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