July 20, 2021 at 12:31PM

I have been sharing stories about Sashiko for several years. If you are new here, please start reading some articles & watching some videos (both links from profile). If you can, please try to read them as much as you can. Since I rarely repeat the same story, it is ideal to read all the posts here. 

“Not knowing” is fine. All I fight back is “Ignorance”. This word, “Ignorance” may require a bit of explanation. The ignorance I mean here is “intentionally done” for “their convenience” with “minimizing the origin (indifference)”. When all of these 3 elements, then it becomes a significant Cultural Appropriation issue. I never say that non-Japanese shouldn’t practice Sashiko. I say Sashiko in English is insufficient to be a “master” to teach the whole picture of Sashiko.

Let me simplify a bit. If you follow this account and worry if you are appropriating the Sashiko culture, you are NOT. Ideally, I want you to learn from me to get the core & essence, but that doesn’t define Cultural Appropriation. I know some authors & teachers of “Sashiko” follow this account. To be honest, I respect them. I occasionally write something uncomfortable for them to read. However, they are here to “listen”. This isn’t intentional ignorance. 

Unfortunately, there are people who block my voice and keep teaching Sashiko as if they speak on behalf of other Japanese. They do not worry if they are damaging the culture or not. Therefore, I speak up. The answers to your questions are mostly answered here already. All I am asking is to be “mindful”, and hopefully spread my voice before those “Cultural Invaders” completely change the culture.


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