July 17, 2021 at 05:17PM

The monetary System (Coins and Bills) visualized the measure of wealth. Liberalization (freedom society) pursues individualism and responsibility that one has to carry (to be wealthy). Capitalism rushes us to complete each other to be “free” and “wealth”. Once we drop out from the “system”, then it is extremely challenging to get back on the track. Well, we may call them being eliminated by natural selection. Well… at least, I used to think that “they didn’t do what they had to do – therefore, they are out of the competition” until I started re-learning what Sashiko is.

Some cultures exist(ed) outside of this running wheel. If I were to verbalize (extremely roughly) the fear, it is us (Sashiko) being forced to be running in the wheel. Don’t get me wrong. We have been running on the wheel as well. However, it was a wheel made by Japanese.

Sashiko is merely a form of hand-stitching. Anyone can do that with anything they have. However, the culture of Sashiko exists today on the sweat & hard work by many Japanese who have spent their lives trying to make this culture better (and more accessible). It is so ironic that we may lose some of them because it became a “trend” – in which I thought it would save them instead of pushing them out. Well. I have to admit. I was too late. However, it doesn’t mean there is nothing I can/should do.



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