July 06, 2021 at 01:48PM

Continued from the previous post. 

【This proves your authenticity】I have never referred to my Sashiko as “The Authentic Sashiko”. However, my stories are authentic because they are my memories. The fact I can stitch is also authentic because I can. I don’t know if I am authentic or not, but my Sashiko is a part of Japanese Sashiko history. This is why I am hesitant to “publish“. It is because publications tend to offer the “answer”. What I write may eliminate the other voices. Therefore, I prefer SNS & personal relationships because I can “update” when I need it. “Sashiko = Little Stabs” may be inaccurate, although “I” may be the one who translated it in 1996 (If you know who translated, please do let me know). I hope I can find a way to publish by explaining all of my wishes.

【You hate Sashiko being Popular】Umm. Have I ever said that? I am VERY happy that Sashiko is getting popular.  All I hate is ignorance & indifference. While NO  experienced  Sashiko artisans in Japan are fighting what is right and wrong in the whole Sashiko, non-Japanese argue the definition & rules of Sashiko. “Sashiko as a visible mending technique” ignores the spirit of those who “had to” stitch for their survival. Eating food on “Boro (inspired) pieces”? Do they enjoy drinking water from a toilet in the 2nd-hand antique store? I want you to enjoy Sashiko. I understand Sashiko will change its form. However, it is natural to wish that the change is considerate and reasonable, right? Not by some superficial “learning” and someone’s convenience.

Thank you for the DMs. 【Just ignore them】【SNS is not a good place to share the pain】. Both pieces of advice are absolutely valid. However, I choose to be here. I choose not to ignore the “ignorance”. If Sashiko is a well-established culture, I wouldn’t even be here. Since there aren’t many experienced Sashiko artisans who understand English, I need to be here. Since Sashiko is my life, I cannot give up no matter how bad the pain I receive. I hope it makes sense. (being said, I don’t know how one can misunderstand what I write completely opposite, and claiming they read it). One more and that’s it.

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