July 06, 2021 at 02:31PM

Thank you for reading my messages here. It became a “massive” come back after a few days of “recharging” (vacant). This final post for today is not related to the comment I received. It is about DMs I receive when I share these harassments. 【】is the phrase I receive.

【Focus on your creation (Sashiko)】【Stop the drama】【Be Positive and Keep (your) Beautiful Work (Soul)】. I understand they mean well with admiring what I do. However, they are also shutting down the voices. I am here as the result of focusing on the creation. Many told me that I should have started speaking up 12 years ago… but I didn’t know how Sashiko became in English back then. They say it is too late to share the Sashiko (without pain), but I don’t have any other choice. 

Please do not define Sashiko & Who we are based on your value. There are reasons why I say Sashiko isn’t Art. Being positive (good vibes) is great, but then what? Do I convince myself that it doesn’t hurt? If you follow this account【just because you (I) want to see a beautiful picture of Sashiko】, then you are in the wrong place. Follow @upcyclestitches where I focus on creation. This is an account where a Native Japanese Sashiko Artisan(s) share the stories of their lives (Sashiko) with what they create as Sashiko in both negative & positive emotion – so called “Ordinary”. I appreciate your admiration of Sashiko as the ◯◯, but shutting me up by saying “Sashiko should be calm, positive, beautiful” is as painful as the other ignorance (therefore, I share many stories and I want you to read them first). I choose to be here, regardless of the pain, with life-staking determination. I want to be positive, but I don’t want to fake to be positive.


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