July 06, 2021 at 01:18PM

Changed my day. The painful comment in the previous post includes a lot of issues some may be worried about. I find it important. So, here are my responses.【】is the phrase I received.

【You have a lotta hatred towards Americans】 → I don’t. In fact, the opposite. I do respect them. I just hate ignorance and indifference.

【How is anyone appropriating culture by reading your caption?】 Nobody is appropriating the culture by just reading what I write. However, when categorizing what I write as “negative or complaining”, a big possibility of Cultural Appropriation occurs. Why? Because I am not complaining. I am writing nothing negative. This is “how THEY perceive” to what I write. The cultural filtration.

【We are privileged now? (Who is privileged?)】In broader issues of C/A, I understand, non-BBIMP/BIPOC are mostly privileged. I don’t know if it is the same in Sashiko, yet. I am learning. Therefore, I do not say, “Only Japanese can do Sashiko”. I sincerely respect those who think “Only-◯◯ should do” to avoid the C/A. At this point, honestly, I don’t know. To me, anyone who is native in English language has a possibility of being privileged (powerful side) because English has enough power to overwrite the culture. It is what I observe on-going. As much as I want you to learn, I am scared of you, too. My goal is to pass down the unspoken voices of Japanese Sashiko artisans by sharing Sashiko. Since anyone can be privileged in this case, regardless of color or background, I ask them to be mindful first before uttering their ignorance. (Read Patreon Article “Language as Protection”). “Being Privileged” itself isn’t bad. It is just how it is. “Ignoring being privileged and suppressing others based on what they believe” by saying 【get over it】 is just horrible.

Thank you for your support. The pain is, however, not a majority decision (that’s why it sucks). I appreciate you letting me share the pain here. 2nd part will come soon.

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