July 06, 2021 at 09:41AM

I am preparing for the first “Online Webinar” about Sashiko. It is challenging to summarize into a few hours of presentation, as you know 700 posts here aren’t enough to share the whole. 37 years of my time with Sashiko. Whew.

For some, Sashiko is merely a new trend to get excited. Since people want a Quick Direction, they make Sashiko as a product. For me, Sashiko is my life. The scenery where people stitch is my raw memory. I am not saying I only stitched obediently. I hated Sashiko in my childhood. However, since I hated Sashiko so much, I had to think about Sashiko a lot more. Like it or not, all I can do is relate to Sashiko. In the “popularity” trend, some try to “repaint” the culture with the color convenient for them (to make more money and such). I speak up because Sashiko is my identity. “What I can do” shapes “who I am”, and I learned it is natural to feel pain when someone invades it. It is my life. I will never give up. 




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