January 31, 2022 at 10:01PM

It isn’t easy to speak up honestly in a big trend – sometimes, an honest voice can be perceived as negativity or even arrogance. It is always easier to get along the flow, but there are reasons I share the honest Sashiko Stories. It requires will-power to keep doing so.

I can keep sharing Sashiko Stories thanks to those who come to listen to what I teach & share. Live Session via Online Sashiko Class & In-person Workshops are the precious opportunity for me to thank directly to those who support what we do. This week is one of those. Feedback from new friends who took my workshop saying: “So much fun. Thank you for coming (offering the workshop)” override all of the difficult challenges I face. After so many years of Sashiko stitching & several years of  teaching, I am confident in what I can do & teach. It is my pleasure to share not only the techniques & design, but also the “Core & Essence” of Sashiko with them. ☆



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