January 30, 2022 at 08:34PM

“What do you like about Sashiko?”. I convinced myself to ask this question to the public in 2022. I was scared of facing reality. I am still in fear of unknown changes within Sashiko. However, it is my time to speak up – if it isn’t too late.

What do you like about Sashiko? I believe the answers can be roughly categorized into 2 big points of view: (1) Design/How it Looks, and (2) Meditative/Relaxing function. Of course, everyone has their own answer to the questions. So I am not generalizing “you”, but I believe when they use the word “inspired”, it is either “simplified-design” or “hand-stitching” part.

Both outcome (design) and process (stitching) are incredibly important in Sashiko. However, it doesn’t explain the whole. Understanding the expectation that the ordinary Japanese would have is important. “Sashiko” is a Japanese word. Therefore, we call it “Sashiko”. Without “willingness” to learn what isn’t obvious, it can be any other name, and I believe each culture has its name for stitching.

Please do not get me wrong. I am NOT asking anyone to stop using the word “Sashiko”. Use it for your stitching project. However, please keep learning. It has at least 100 years of established practice. They say it is 400 years, or could be more. I cannot simplify the significance, and therefore, I am teaching & sharing Sashiko as a Japanese who was born in Japanese Sashiko.


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