January 29, 2022 at 09:49PM

Fabric carries Stories. Some call it fabric’s memory. Others may call it the history of fabric. I sometimes call it “Spirit” in Fabric. Cloth/Fabric separate us (human beings) from other mammals, and therefore, it is important to be mindful.

Sashiko/Boro is just a Japanese word. However, words also carry Stories. It is understandable to use the word to get attention, or even better profit, in this society. I am NOT sharing stories to prevent them using the word. I am just asking, if they want to use the word, use it “appropriately” instead of filtering the possible stories because they may be inconvenient to them. I am NOT asking them to spend years of time learning, or thousands of dollars to get a degree (like higher education). If they want to learn what Sashiko is (especially for us), I am here to share. If they do not care for learning – even worse, keep ignoring the voice from Japanese, then they need to stop using the word: Because fabric and words both carry the stories: the stories identify who I am today. Sashiko is more than stitching. Boro isn’t a word for mending technique.


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