January 27, 2022 at 01:22PM

I am a mere Sashiko artisan – who just learned the word “Cultural Appropriation (C/A)” in 2019 after a painful experience. I try to learn not only my pain, but the possible pain for others. I am still learning C/A, but please do not worry about it too much especially if you worry about appropriating the culture at this point.

The key phrase for C/A is “acknowledgement”. If you acknowledge Sashiko is more than technique, the change in culture will be healthy. If you acknowledge my voice, and spread the words, it is preventing Sashiko from being appropriated more than necessary. So, without you, I cannot preserve the Sashiko I practice today. Thank you.

I have been sharing “Raw Scenery of Sashiko Stitching” for 4 years+. While I sincerely appreciate the support to me via taking my Sashiko class, I do not want to decide “who can learn Sashiko” based on what they have. Anyone can learn by just watching me stitching. Many have done that. I believe they spread my voices. The Sashiko stitching I share is unique: as not many Japanese people take my class. I was advised that there are people who may have “copied” what I share on Youtube, and shared “their Sashiko” with others with no reference. Well. It is sad but It happens. Many advised me that “Sharing it for free” is a horrible idea. But I have a bigger goal. Please copy. But, please keep listening to our voice. “Technique” itself won’t fulfill what Sashiko is. Unfortunately, those who just copied what I do on Youtube can only share the surface. When they ignore the stories and push the surface as “Sashiko” for their profit, then it is Cultural Appropriation.

Please be mindful of who you learn from. You can have as many teachers as you want. However, please, acknowledge that Sashiko may be more than what non-Japanese teach. It is “you” who form the future. Today is Thursday, Live Streaming at 9 pm EST on Youtube.


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