January 25, 2022 at 10:01PM

I appreciate the feedback that they like my writing – some even say it is like a poem. The instructor in the Writing Center (in Collage) will be proud of (or even surprised at) this feedback. Well. I am aware that my English isn’t very good in the most standard. My goal is to encourage readers to read between the lines. I want you to imagine (reflect) while reading what I share. If one looks for a quick answer, my writing is a scribble. If they think/imagine while reading, I hope they get something out of my stories. I don’t know what resonates with you, but I try my best to keep sharing.

The Sashiko I teach is like that. Needle Techniques, Skill, and Designs… all of them are important, but secondary. Of course, I teach all of them thoroughly. On top of that, I want them to learn how Sashiko may offer you a different perspective in life. That’s the beauty of learning something different, and Sashiko is indeed something new to those who aren’t familiar with Japanese culture.

I received an announcement that the 3-Days Workshop I am offering in Stuart, FL between 1/31 to 2/2 are just above the minimum enrollment. If you would like to learn what Sashiko really is for us, and make these 3-days available for Sashiko, I believe I can offer an “eye-opening” experience for you. It is rare to have this small group workshop for 3-days (well, it is rare to offer In-person workshop anyway in this pandemic). I hope to meet/see some of you here in FL next week. The link is available on my Story, or simply visit https://ift.tt/3r1dzDd to look for Sashiko Workshop. Thank you!


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