January 23, 2022 at 10:01AM

In the previous post, I summarized my voice regarding “Boro” as follows: it exists in a world where there are no answers, and often no definition, but with mutual understanding. As I received a comment, I realized this (no answers, but mutual understanding) is the most important message I need to deliver to the people who enjoy Sashiko in non-Japanese language.

I have been thinking of something less confusing. We DO have answers and definitions, but they often do not exclude others. Therefore, it is “my” answer yet someone’s new learning. So, here is the updated version of my voice: “Less Definition, More Imagination”.

I believe in the power of “imagining”, and Sashiko and Boro are deeply related to that. When we “define”, then we try to draw a clear line between right and wrong. Instead, why don’t we try to “imagine” first when we enjoy stitching: where I hope it will be a less judgemental environment. Hand-stitching can give us a LOT of time to imagine. So, instead of asking for answers or rules that someone else defined for someone’s profit, let’s imagine how “Japanese would have practiced Sashiko, and then left us Boro”. The power of imagination is much more important than knowledge – especially in Sashiko & Boro. Please help me to spread this out. Don’t look for answers and definitions first. Instead, enjoy imagining. Then, you will find an answer & definition from your imagination – and the outcome of your imagination will not be so different from each other: that’s what we call “Mutual Understanding in Sashiko & Boro”.



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