January 21, 2022 at 11:12AM

I have been sharing what Sashiko/Boro is for us. I hope you understand that what I share is “My” Stories – and there are no “Right and Wrong” in Sashiko. I just want to share the original stories as a Japanese person who practices Sashiko, instead of interpretation by non-Japanese who have limited understanding of Japanese language & culture. For me, a non-Japanese defining what Sashiko is in non-Japanese language is quite strange, and I believe you feel similarly.

In 2020, I had an honor to meet & talk to Ms.Yoshiko Wada about Sashiko and Boro. If you like Shibori – a form of Japanese dyeing – you must know her name. She is like a living legend. Ever since we had a deep discussion about Sashiko & Boro, we have been exchanging updates. It is too casual to say she is my friend in Japanese culture, but I feel a bit like that: I prefer email, she prefers “WhatsApp”… hahaha. She is now doing PhD research on the boro phenomenon. Yes! It is what many advise me to do in Sashiko (after completing my job as a father)!! I sincerely respect her & I would like to support her as much as I can. Her organization, Slow Fiber Studio is offering a series of stories about “Stitchery”, and they are mainly about Sashiko & Boro. This is a great opportunity for us to learn from another Japanese person, who has been in this field for a long time. I will be there & I may receive an honor to present myself in one of the stories.

I respect many people in many ways. In Sashiko, however, I am quite confident in what I share. I mean, I should be, in order to “teach” Sashiko. Wada-Sensei & I had a disagreement once, and I learned how “deep” and “wide” she studies & thinks. I am very much looking forward to learning from her again. Link available from Story.



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