February 02, 2022 at 05:11AM

I am not a trained teacher. Therefore, everytime I teach, all of my energy goes into teaching as if I am splitting my life & sharing it. It is my pleasure to share a piece of my life so that one can learn something new in Sashiko. That’s my commitment to Sashiko & the responsibility as the one who talks about Sashiko. A whole day of 7 hours+ workshop, I cannot eat lunch. Ever since I started teaching, I put all of what I have into each teaching opportunity. As a result, I sometimes crash into the sofa right after the workshop, like last night (& got up very early in the morning).

I received encouraging feedback yesterday: “I think I now like Sashiko (much better)”. It implied that she didn’t like Sashiko before, so I asked how she perceived Sashiko before. She didn’t “hate” Sashiko, but Sashiko didn’t amuse her much. Often, skilled hand-sewer in any form of stitchery, embroidery, hand-quilting, tailoring… They have incredible skills (which I would like to learn from). When they encounter Sashiko, they may first feel, “oh, another word for another design or stitchery”. Therefore, some do not find Sashiko something amusing. That’s the scary part of “insufficiency” of information available in non-Japanese language. “How to” is only one part of Sashiko. When they “feel” and “do” Sashiko, then something new kicks in – no matter how experienced they are, I am confident that I am offering something eye-opening in my teaching, both in Online & In-Person.

Honest feedback makes my day, and I have one more day to spend all of my energy there. Sashiko is more than just making beautiful stitches.

2日目の後、電池が切れて折角のホテル住まいなのにソファで力尽きてしまいました(笑)。この写真を撮って投稿しようとした直前に。今日頂いた感想にとても嬉しいものがありました。「なんか、刺し子が好きになってきた」。 この言葉、ワークショップ前は刺し子がそんなに好きじゃなかったということを意味します。実際にそう仰ってました。運針を学んで頂く中で新しい楽しみ方を感じて好きになって頂ける。これぞ教えることの醍醐味であり、僕が刺し子を教え続ける一番の理由です。刺し子沼(運針沼)に沢山の人を押し落としているので、結構沼にハマらせる自信はあるのですよ(笑)

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