February 03, 2022 at 05:54AM

Almost 5 years ago, when I received the first request to offer the Sashiko Workshop, I had no idea what I could teach. Ever since, “teaching” became the main focus of my challenges. As I always say, teaching comes with big responsibility – because students there need to somewhat trust what the teachers say. No need to agree with everything, but the learning becomes agonizing when a student keeps wondering in their mind. I believe all teaching has to come with stories behind it. We call it logic or reasoning. I wouldn’t like a teacher saying “Just because” or “Just memorize it”.

The goal of my teaching is to, of course, pass down the Sashiko we have been practicing. I will share how I stitch after the brief explanation of our Sashiko. A majority of students have happy & worrisome faces when they see me stitching: expectation of possibility and fear of failure. My role is to take all the fear away, and leave them with more expectation for their future Sashiko. I know what I teach now after sharing this with 500+ people. I like the significant change at the end of the workshop: from “Oh, I cannot because ____” to “Well, it isn’t so difficult (Atsushi’s stitching seems to be easy)”. I can make it happen in both Online & In-Person. Sashiko isn’t just about technique – when we share some philosophical understanding of Sashiko, then one can acquire the life-time stitching technique. I appreciate the great opportunity of 3-Day’s Workshop in beautiful place at Aya Fiber Studio with beautiful people.


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