February 05, 2022 at 07:37AM

Boro is always a result, but never definite. The discussion of exchanging “answers” about Sashiko and Boro in English isn’t wrong, but unbalanced. The result (outcome/design) can be westernized, but when “mindset (ordinary expectation)” gets unreasonably westernized, it is no longer Sashiko no matter how it looks.

In my workshop, I almost never sit down. I do not have a meal during the workshop – probably just a piece of candy & water. Everyone has a slightly different “point” to understand the core of Sashiko, as their own Sashiko. It is my responsibility to catch that point and encourage them to keep pursuing: in a limited amount of hours in In-person workshop & over the camera for Online Class. I am confident that I can. All I ask for them is to not give up on me, or even on themselves.

We are always measured by a result, but I hope it will never be definite. We are always stitching Sashiko, but I can only talk about the Sashiko I know. Things change, and I accept. I am speaking up so that “ignorance” will prevent someone from learning. I am putting my own life in Sashiko. Don’t let others define the “answers” for you. Don’t let anyone define your value: the fabric tells all the stories to us.



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