January 29, 2024 at 09:01AM

Completed another embracing, peaceful, and inspirational Sashiko Workshop with full of smiles (after some frustration). About a month from now, I will be in NC for the QuiltCon 2024. I am looking forward to meeting future Sashiko friends in sharing the [Core & Essence] of Sashiko, in a lecture talking about Sashiko & Quilting, and reuniting with the current Sashiko friends in the Quilting Show Hall.

In the last 2 years at QuiltCon, I received so many “Stickers” from Quilters Friends. I received their cute & inspirational stickers, and I gave them my name card… so, I felt a bit embarrassed & sad. This year, with help from a friend in Japan, I prepared stickers! I will bring them to QuiltCon. If you plan to or have taken my workshops or lectures before, or made a purchase from @UpcycleStitches store, and if you would like to have this sticker, please let me know when you find me in Raleigh. I don’t know how many would want it… so I prepared a reasonable amount – to make sure that everyone who I know can get the stickers, please forgive this restriction. If it runs out so quickly, I will prepare more after.

「ノベルティ?なにそれ美味しいの?」という感じで、自分自身を宣伝することなんて考えてもいなかったのですが、毎年沢山の素敵なスティッカーやグッズを頂きながら、お返しに名刺だけを渡すのがなかなかに恥ずかしくて(寂しくて)、一念発起でステッカーを作ってみました。デザインは運針会でご縁を頂いている @kcat_1126 さん。柔らかなイラストが大好きなのです。



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