January 27, 2024 at 12:43PM

Teaching is a great opportunity for Learning, too. In the workshop, I welcome any type of questions. Some of the questions are so profound that I go deep in thoughts – I really appreciate the questions after reading as many posts I share here as possible. Among so many good questions, one comment keeps coming back to me after the 1st day. The comment was: “It seems you (Atsushi) have a Long-Term Business plan/vision”. Come to think of it, yes, a summary of all the stories here can sound like the Long-Term Business Plan. However, I haven’t really thought about what I do that way. So, I decided to be honest, once again, to myself.

Business. In general, the purpose of business is to maximize the ROI. Or, simply, make profit (money). If my goal is “ROI” in terms of money or time, I wouldn’t choose Sashiko. So, what I do is for something else. A mission? Idealism? Responsibility? Those fancy words are true, but the most suitable word would be “I do not want to lose what I enjoy now”.

A bit of “Capitalism”, especially in Handicraft, we can find Stories of each item. Artisans created the item based on their wisdom to make their work better, easier, and more professional. In this case, the money comes secondary. The similar goes to Sashiko – the Sashiko thread made based on wisdom has Stories why the Sashiko Artisans made it – and I do not want to go back to the era when they didn’t have it. For that, I need money to keep it somewhat “Sustainable”. So yes, I do have a Long-Term vision – but it doesn’t have to be the “business“ when the items are going to be preserved. Once again, for me, money isn’t the goal – it is an important vehicle to bring me to the Long-Term goal I have.


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