January 26, 2024 at 12:34PM

I appreciate another great opportunity to share the Sashiko we have been practicing. The pandemic somewhat forced us (craft/art instructors) to shift to Online. I have spent quite a lot of time & investment to prepare the Online Sashiko Class, and I am now confident that I can offer the same outcome via Online. The goal is always to pass down the “Core & Essence” of Sashiko – which includes Unshin. I also offer the lecture archives to share more stories. I have patreon where I share almost 200 stories. Although the contents I offer online are quite rich, when it comes to “experience”, I still want to offer the In-Person Workshop.

Not many teachers/instructors can prepare the stage for them to perform. If one is a full-time instructor who teaches weekly or monthly, it may be possible. However , it is almost impossible if they are actually the Crafter/Artist/Maker. We can perform thanks to the studio/museum/organizations who prepare the stage for us.

It is ironic that the shift to Online to protect ourselves is now hurting the “Studios” which have been maintaining the stage for instructors. Therefore, I would like to support the studios which have been taking care of the instructors, like here @aya_fiber_studio . If you find something interesting, please consider the workshop here as a retreat, in a warm FL with beaches & Art/Craft with your own hands. I teach “Culture”, and a Studio like here is also a Culture we need to preserve. Another great opportunity here to dance with the new Sashiko friends. I share pretty much everything here.



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