February 01, 2024 at 04:21PM

In-Person Workshops, and “Live Session” from Online Sashiko Class (C/E) are very important opportunities as I can share what Sashiko really is to me. Sashiko introduced in English is simplified, and more and more “Romanticized” as I come across. I wonder how many “Sashiko Professionals” (here let’s say professionals are those who make “money” by using the word Sashiko like teaching, publishing, and selling supplies/products) actually have talked to the Japanese Sashiko Artisans in Japan. Not only like someone who doesn’t mind sharing their story about Sashiko (like me here) – but those who have been stitching for decades or even more than half centuries yet are not sharing any stories.

In Capitalism, I understand that the culture & words are also a subject to be used & commercialized. The goal is to maximize the ROI (of Time & Capital). Therefore, making Culture & Words “Fancy” and Romanticizing them from what they actually are is a good strategy. I share my Sashiko Stories, and there are simplified & Romanticized Sashiko Stories on the other side of the realm. I mostly enjoy the other stories… but sometimes, I feel their stories consume “something” too much. I don’t know how I can describe “Something” – but it kind of hurts when I face them. Sashiko isn’t always full of beautiful stories. Sashiko isn’t a Fantasy to me – it is more like a non-fiction documentary… although What I find is more like Fiction based on what is comfortable for us who live in Today’s Value System.

I do not want Sashiko to be just a Fantasy. Sashiko isn’t in the past yet. Therefore, I share stories in Workshops & Live Sessions. In addition, I have “Live Streaming” on Every Thursday at 9 pm EST where I share the on-going Documentary of what Sashiko is for us. Please do not get “high” by just Romanized Fantasies-



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