January 18, 2022 at 02:23PM

I share my honest Sashiko Stories. I say that Sashiko in English isn’t wrong, but insufficient. For those who think they already know about Sashiko, my voice can be interpreted as an act of “Division” or “Fragmentation”. No, “Exclusion” is the opposite of my voice. All I am asking is to “learn” more so that they (non-Japanese) will not exclude something that already existed in Japan innocently. For that, I am trying to share the Japanese way of being consistent, or more broadly, how Japanese “Wa (Harmony)” works. “Wa” doesn’t exist in rules or extreme dualism. An act of willingness to understand more will bring us the Japanese “Wa” harmony. (Don’t get me wrong: the concept of “Wa” has also some issues…in a different way).

Insisting individualism is kind of the opposite of this “Wa”. In Western Culture, “Being Right (Justified)” is very important. In “Wa”, inclusion is much more important than being “correct”. Therefore, I often hesitate to define the words. Definition will define the “answer” and it may leave some nuance behind because of my ignorance.

Boro is NOT a technique. The question will be: “What is Boro then?”. Well, this account exists for that. Boro isn’t the word for colorful patchwork. Boro isn’t the choice of sustainable fashion. Boro isn’t an environmentally friendly textile. Those are all “outcomes” of interpretation. The interpretation done in innocence is okay: However, unfortunately, there is some intentional filtration. I do want to include those who intentionally twist the culture – since they are also a part of on-going culture. All I am doing is to pass down something that identifies myself, to someone who may appreciate it.



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