January 17, 2022 at 11:11PM

A Jacket like this takes about a year to complete, starting with “finding the best vintage fabric”. Other works can be done in much shorter time, but I no longer take commission work. (I used to, but I got tired of many inconsiderate interactions). When we become friends, I can introduce someone who I trust in Sashiko. However, unfortunately, we have only time left to make a piece for someone who cares & values what we do.Most of our items can be for sale, but most of the items are “Back-Ordered”. We are happy to take custom orders, but please be considerate. It takes months of our life.

A few Jackets per year. We don’t know how many more jackets we can make. It is our sincere pleasure for someone to “wear” it as Sashiko’s true beauty exists in its ”using” it. At the same time, if you would like to have a similar Sashiko Jacket/Denim and/or wish for our consultation, please consider taking our class – either In-Person or Online. I will probably open up the eyes, and that will answer many possible questions by itself.

I cannot answer all the questions & requests. I appreciate it, but I need to choose what I can work with in order to protect myself. I have made terrible mistakes in the past, and I cannot repeat that again to keep sharing Sashiko Stories. I wish I could be everyone’s friend here, but I am not, until I become your friend. Interacting as if I am a human is all I am asking. I am NOT a “Siri” or “Alexa” to give quick answers for instant gratification: I am a person with decent emotion carrying life-long stories & family to support.



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