January 16, 2022 at 09:40PM

Thanks to reactions on the previous Reel.Video editing & design aren’t my strength. I neither have the budget to hire professionals. I subscribed to Canva Pro this year, and I am impressed how “easy” it becomes. (At the same time, I am realizing how “great” professionals are…). Anyhow, I can make more “fun” videos without spending hours of investment.

Sashiko isn’t difficult. Anyone can make the Denim with Sashiko like this, especially when they learn the way we stitch. After 4 years of teaching, I am confident to say it because some of them are not Keiko’s or my work. Many rising Sashiko artisans/artists practice Sashiko to make so many beautiful items & Art.

As long as one doesn’t give up, they can get the Sashiko to our level. It usually takes about 6 hours to get it. For some, it may be 6 days to be like us. For others, it may be 6 months. However, as long as one continues, it won’t require 6 years to accomplish this. Again, one has to follow our “mindset”. Unfortunately, the other “techniques” probably won’t make this type of Denim happen – it is simply too painful to fingers, and too time-consuming with focusing on each stitch.

I teach everything in my classes. If you continue Sashiko as I introduce, you can make this type of Denim by yourself. I will be there until you can do it. I used to stitch for commission, but after all, I would like you to make the Denim like this instead of just mending it and calling it “Sashiko”. The comprehensive In-Person workshop in FL is still available. Please contact @aya_fiber_studio for the details!



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