January 12, 2022 at 10:09AM

Today, I woke up with a bit of ease in my mind, then I started cleaning the house more carefully than usual while doing laundry. It is good to be mindful. I completed 2 big events (workshops), and another one is 2 weeks away. I always get nervous when teaching, and I still am happy that I get nervous. However, it is also draining and it is good to have a bit of “rest” for my brain.

To be honest, for me, “In-person” workshop is easier. It is because I can “sense” the emotions of participants. Frustration, Disappointment, Excitement, and Confusion. All of them are non-verbal communication that I read & I can offer the solutions for each. Over the Internet, the way to feel “the sense” is very limited. It requires extra attention to feel it, with reading a slight different movement and atmosphere over the camera, yet it is doable. I am not only “teaching in one direction”. I would like to adjust my teaching so that everyone can “adapt” the Sashiko we practice to their ordinary fun.

My brain will be occupied with workshops again soon, until the end of QuiltCon 2022. Meanwhile, I will enjoy the Sashiko Live Streaming on Thursday at 9 pm EST, and I am planning to share about the “Marketing” and “Spirit” in Sashiko – Yes, it is an interesting combination for the topic to discuss. It will be on Youtube. Please find our channel by searching with “Sashiko Story”.


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