January 11, 2022 at 09:44AM

I wish I could simplify my stories into a word. Then, I can probably “market” the Sashiko better. However, “marketing“ isn’t my goal. I share the significance of Sashiko – which is not yet introduced in English. A series of stories going on and on.

“Marketing” is sophisticated human-behavior creation. Marketing is a process of “defining (addressing)” how well meet the (customer’s) expectation. It is a fundamental, yet most important, process in business (to make profit). The scary part of marketing is, though, when one doesn’t care the essence in what they are marketing, they may change “what it is” to meet the need. Another case of painful C/A. In marketing, the cathay “wording” is key. The adjectives for Sashiko may be: Traditional, Authentic, Cultural, and such. Their goal is to sell the product/service. So, one would use any words in marketing. I keep saying that the word implying the “whole”, such as comprehensive, only, ultimate, and supreme in Sashiko will be a form of Cultural Filtering – because they are not whole. Another word I find dangerous is spirit. Culture changes over time. Spirit definitively describes one’s identity. If one teaches “Spirit of ___”, one really has to understand it, or devote themselves to the practice. Otherwise… I probably don’t have to explain how (culturally) dangerous it can be.

Again, Marketing is important. I need to learn it more. At the same time, it is us who “contribute” to the marketing. When we have healthy expectations, marketing will follow that. Marketing is just a mirror of what we choose, and therefore, I am asking us to be mindful in our choices.


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