January 09, 2022 at 09:04PM

Another wonderful Sashiko Class big thanks to @selvedgemagazine . I sincerely appreciate their investment & support to learn from me. They listen, and try to learn although what I teach can be quite challenging, and may be even uncomfortable. I cannot teach the whole picture of Sashiko, but I am confident that I teach the essence so that they can feel that they are at the good place to start exploring. Instead of teaching “What one should do”, I introduce many choices & the foundation to make choices.

I shout out that there is no such a thing as “Rules (Right and Wrong)” in Sashiko.Meanwhile, I sometimes encounter an account (I don’t know if they exist in real life) sharing the “Rules” in Sashiko. [You should do that in authentic Sashiko…] like that kind of “teaching” to others. Of course, there are “preferences” in skills and designs based on the type of Sashiko, but they aren’t rules. When one learns the original scenery of Sashiko, they will realize: teaching filtered rules about something ordinary is, umm… ignorant.

It seems to me that the people who insist on the freedom of individual choice tend to rule others based on their (limited) values. They shout out that they need “Freedom (of choice)”, but in reality, what they want is “Convenience”. They prefer “Comfort” over “Learning”, they choose “Superficial Pleasant” over “Deep Truth” …because they have choices to do so. They have a choice to not to learn more.

In my class, there is nothing I teach based on “Just Because”. Everything I pass to them is based on my life of Sashiko Stories. Learning “Why” is extremely important to avoid cultural issues. If you learn any “rule” in Sashiko, wonder “Why” a bit. It will explain a lot about what you are learning (or not learning).


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