January 08, 2022 at 02:09PM

I learned that the “teaching” requires very specific skill set. Teaching requires skill. Learning also requires skill. One important quality of a good teacher is an ability to see the participants “Learning Skill (or Condition)”. We all have different expectations, preferences, and understandings in learning. In today’s society, “just telling in one direction” will not complete the “teaching”, especially to adults. For that, I am proud of my achievements in the last 4 years of my teaching. The more I offer the workshop, the better I get in teaching. All of the workshop is, for me, a one-time shot. Therefore, I get nervous. Well, I am happy that I am nervous (I will stop teaching when I do not get nervous). For that, I am serious in Sashiko — A side note. Because of my seriousness & nervousness to my workshop/classes, some workshop organizers didn’t enjoy my almost “compulsive” preparation request. Well, my goal is to pass down the Sashiko to a person who wants to learn, not to please someone around.

Anyhow. This is another weekend of me teaching Sashiko. I enjoy sharing Sashiko Stories here. When I teach “Sashiko” to someone, it gets more “comprehensive” because of the “teaching skill” I have been developing. It is okay that one learns Sashiko casually from me, but being serious in “teaching identity my life with Sashiko. Serious doesn’t mean strict or scary to students. Strict to myself.

Online Sashiko Class & In-Person 3 Days comprehensive workshops in FL are available for Jan. 2022. Join us to see what Sashiko is for us. You will see another side of “Sashiko”.




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