January 17, 2024 at 04:56PM

When we learn something new, we need to acknowledge, and then overcome some “Blocks”. In Sashiko, “Mind” and “Muscle Memory” are 2 big blocks. After learning the new mind & muscle movement, they can use both “old” & “new” stitching form. However, the old & existing form can be a big obstacle to learning the Sashiko we practice. Therefore, my teaching can be valuable. Both In-Person & Online with [Core & Essence] is a learning experience to help them to “unblock”. As everyone has different mind & hand (muscle), more personal attention is required to complete so (therefore, it is difficult to teach this on Books – Domestika Course is the closest I could do).

That being said, I used to say “It is okay to start Sashiko from other resources. You can learn the Sashiko we practice anytime you feel comfortable”, when I received a question from those worried about the “Starting with Bad Habit”. There isn’t really a bad habit, and I am confident that I can help them to have both while unblocking some challenges even if they started Sashiko somewhere else. However, I may need to change my statement in the current trend a bit. I start seeing phenomena which dominate their mind with “Sashiko should be this way”. I can help to align with the stitching habit & western mindset, yet if one has pure belief of what Sashiko is based on the simplified information, there isn’t much I can do.

In order to pour the tea into a cup, one has to empty it first. Coming to me with an empty cup is ideal, but I can help to empty it (as it can be scary). However, if one believes their “tea” is the “right tea”… Well. I may need to change my statement… There is no “bad habit”, but the specific & simplified image of Sashiko can be too big a block to overcome.


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