January 16, 2024 at 04:12PM

I have a happy announcement about the Sashiko Japan Tour. I will be actively planning to make it happen in November 2024, after hours & days of discussions with my family & friends. The Sashiko Japan Tour in Spring 2023 was a great success. It became a life-changing moment to me. At the same time, it was the first time to leave my family for 15 days while they maintained their ordinary (going to work & school) since I became a homemaker father. As my absence was a big burden on them, I announced that I would not offer the Sashiko Japan Tour until we have better conditions & situations. After all, we are a family of immigrants to the U.S. and we have some challenges. The family we can depend on are thousands of miles away.

Well. My spouse wasn’t happy about this decision. She said it would be fine (to manage the ordinary). She really wants me to lead the tour again. I trust her ability, but I know her weakness as well- she doesn’t know how to depend on others… I talked to my daughter, Leona, too. We talked a lot. As a result, we decided that Leona will join the tour as my assistant. She will be 9 y/o – so she can be a help.

It isn’t ideal as it increases the risk of decreasing the tour quality (well, it has potential to increase but risk is bigger). However, I realized one reality while talking to other Japanese Sashiko Artisans. [We may not have so much time left]. Masters are getting older. People are getting older. I realize there is no guarantee that they will be continuing Sashiko in 10 years.

So, here is the announcement. I will make it happen in November 2024. I opened up the Waiting List again, so if you are interested, please fill out the form (Form is available from the Story & QR Code on 2nd Photo). I am looking forward to sharing “Sashiko Time in Japan” again.


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