January 15, 2024 at 08:44AM

“Teaching” is a great opportunity for teachers to learn what they teach when “Teaching” actually remains the form of “Teaching” instead of transforming to “Entertainment”. (I believe there are different kinds of learning in Entertainment. Entertainment is good. False Advertisement/Presentation is the problem). Conversations with new friends (Sashiko Class participants) are always inspirational & educational to me. The conversation left me some understanding for “why” Sashiko is now in the trend, and unfortunately so simplified.

We (as human beings today) are desperately in need of “healing”. We are tired of innovation, competition, demand for continuous improvement, demand for pleasing someone, and most significantly, the requirement to pretend to be someone. They find the simplicity of Sashiko’s look & the nature of hand-stitching as the remedy for the issues. As a Sashiko Artisan, I am happy that Sashiko can be someone’s help. I really am. However, we have to understand that there are people who take advantage of these “weaknesses” to their profit. Sashiko will never be a miracle drug to heal us fundamentally. Some of us can heal ourselves by doing Sashiko – but it is more like “by eating, sleeping, and exercising better”.

This is another reason I say Sashiko introduced in English is insufficient. Some introduce Sashiko as the pain-killer. Some even emphasize the power of the drug by recommending them to not sleep. I say “Sleep is important” to avoid the headache.

In the Western mindset we live in, ills are something to “fix”, and therefore we depend on medication. The magical power Sashiko has is NOT “fixing” – it is… umm… I cannot think of the word, and therefore I teach. Please learn Sashiko from someone who knows what they are doing. No need to be Japanese or “a master”. The true teachers (in Sashiko) will never say “This is one stop for all”.


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