January 14, 2024 at 12:22PM

Another great time in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I appreciate all you took the workshop, visited Loop of the Loom to experience our Sashiko, and talked to me about the passion to take the future Sashiko Workshops after/with the Domestika Sashiko Course. Sashiko often tends to be a lonely job. There are days that I only talk to my family. It is always a good stimulation to meet new people. Although I try to limit the number of workshops I offer so that I can focus on actual stitching, I will try my best to offer the learning experience for you with understanding hosts, like Loop of the Loom and more.

I received questions about when/if I plan to go back to NYC. As of now, I do not have a fixed plan to offer the workshop in NYC. However, I will do my best to make it happen for Summer 2024 (estimating in August). For the details, please subscribe to the Newsletter on Loop of the Loom (@loopoftheloom). The newsletter from them will be the 1st announcement when it is fixed.

There are many types/styles of Sashiko. The current trend is a Colorful Hitomezashi on a small white fabric (Sarahi). Sometimes, the large piece like the photo is considered as “Traditional” or even “Old” pieces as they can be seen mainly in museums or in archives. For us, they are neither traditional or old. This is the Sashiko we practice. Sashiko isn’t in the past yet. Please don’t make our Sashiko as “Past”. We are still alive, and we are sharing the way to make it happen.


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