January 12, 2024 at 09:51PM

Set-up (almost) Completed & Ready for an exciting day of sharing Sashiko. As much as I respect my own time to focus on actual stitching, it is always my pleasure to meet new people who are interested in Sashiko. If you know me in-person (or through Online Sashiko Class), I am not so “difficult” like me being on SNS. I simply enjoy sharing Sashiko for those who are interested. The items are displayed very well, and I realize how unique what we make are. The workshop goes on a whole day (& Sold out), but the Pop-Up Store is open to the public at @ loopoftheloom, Dumbo. 

I sometimes wonder what if I had a brick & mortar store front – or even a small studio where anyone can visit when they wish. I grew-up in the situation with both studios & store-front. Some of the Sashiko Artisans in Japan who have been stitching for decades know me as a child running around near the “Sashiko Items”. Unfortunately, I do not have enough funding to make the studio or store-front happen for now. However, one day, I hope to have them again.

Tomorrow is an unique opportunity for those who wish to look/touch what Sashiko we make. I do not have colorful cute Fukins displayed at all… but you can see a lot of Indigo Blue & Boro-To-Be Fabrics. I believe the door opens at 1pm. For the details, please check their website & Account. I will not be available until 5 pm or so… but someone will be there! 



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