January 11, 2024 at 07:43AM

As I accumulate days & years, I learn the importance of understanding (or even accepting) one’s role. Am I a dancer on the stage? Or a Bassist in the Orchestra? Am I on the side of “Playing”, “Preparing” or “Watching”? This role – where they stand – changes based on the situation & condition. One has to express themselves if they want to be on the stage. It may require some practice – wishing to be on the stage while glaring the performers with envy won’t do much. Regardless, we need to take action, and then the actions will bring us results. Therefore, what I have today is the result of what I have done. I am responsible for the life I have… – I thought life would be like that. However, I no longer blame anyone (including myself) for where they stand & what they (don’t) have.

The analogy on “stage” is based on the assumption everyone has access to the theater. Yes, it may be a choice if one appreciates the performance periodically. How about if one has never seen the performance? Vise versa, if one despises the performance because they were “forced” to be there? It is different from the “privilege” each one has. Privilege itself isn’t a matter of good or bad – it is just what we have. One may be jealous, but another may find it a curse. It depends on where we stand. Therefore, I do not offer you the answer in Sashiko so easily. I do not want to judge the other Japanese based on what I have & don’t have.

Yet, I feel the responsibility to share what Sashiko is in English. One result is “Live Streaming” where I can share Sashiko with no editing & modifying. What you get from the Live Streaming as your “impression” is a good way to start understanding/learning Sashiko. I decided to share the “practice” of performance to anyone so that they can find their own role to be with less judgment & restriction.


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