January 18, 2024 at 04:18PM

While waiting for my daughter, I registered the App “Threads” without thinking much. Now, I am not sure what is a good way to use it… Umm… For me, as an Early Millennial Generation, SNS is a bit of “too much” to use. Instagram, Facebook, Threads… these are from the same company (right?). Then, Youtube, Old-fashioned Websites (WordPress), Webstore… I guess I am “trying” to share my stories as much as I can. Tiktok is one App that I do not plan to use as “short video” can accelerate the simplification I often bring as a concern.

Then, you may ask, why “Instagram”? To be honest, I don’t know. There is a limit of words I can put on the caption – and it is helpful for me to stop writing. I will write a long one if there are no limitations… so it can be one reason. Another reason is “People” here. I have to admit that I sometimes check how many followers I have here. What I care about the most is “Who” listens to what I am trying to say instead of “How Many” just looking at the photos. Sometimes, Long-time followers here come to In-Person workshops, and it is my sincere pleasure to meet them. I do not make a reply so often, but I DO read all of the comments & appreciate it. I know some follow here for years, even before Covid. I hope to meet you/them one day (and/or see you/them again!)

Anyway, “Youtube Live Streaming” is a place where I share my honest thoughts while you see the unedited & unmodified stitching I do every day. If you have a Question/Request/Challenge regarding “Sashiko Story”, come & say hello there.


#Sashiko #刺し子


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