January 16, 2023 at 09:04PM

The Jacket in the photo is made by many (rising) Sashiko Artisans, directed by Keiko. As I always say here, there is no such a thing as “Right” and “Wrong” in Sashiko – no rules. Some misunderstand my saying as “Whatever is fine”… which isn’t wrong by its statement, but we all share the same understanding of “Rhythm” – which I teach as the “Core & Essence” of Sashiko. When we share the same rhythm, the results of our stitching will be different but harmonious – it can be combined with no “discomfort” – Each piece is stitched by a different person, yet they do not just insist on their Artistry. It can be combined into one big piece – like this Jacket.

Our “Sashiko Friends” Jackets were once exhibited in Kaunas, Lithuania, on stage as a part of performing-art (@auradancetheatre ). The exhibition in April will be the first one held in Japan – and I will be finally touching the mesmerizing outcome of “We are all different, and we are all good (in Sashiko)” in sharing the same/similar understanding of Sashiko.

10 years – it is a long time to be away from your home nation. Of course, there are significant reasons why I couldn’t do so (like financial situation) – and it wasn’t (and still isn’t) easy to go through. To be honest, what I am proud of myself in teaching is that many “Japanese” people also come to me to learn Sashiko – and then we become friends while I wasn’t even there in Japan. This is how I can pass down Sashiko – with you, with Japanese & with anyone who wish to learn what Sashiko is for us.



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