January 15, 2023 at 09:07AM

I will be in Japan this coming Spring after almost 10 years of not being able to go back home. I can finally go back to Japan for 2 weeks thanks to many people’s help & support. During my stay in Tokyo, Keiko will have a Sashiko Exhibition in the old town – Tsukishima (4/19 to 4/22). The exhibition isn’t so “Big” or “Stylish”, but I believe we can communicate the beauty & “warmth” of Sashiko. We will work on making a flier or so and will update the details for this matter. Keiko will be there for most of the time of exhibition, and I will stop by at some points with my friends that I plan to take to Japan with me.

All of these can happens thanks to the “En – 縁 (difficult to translate in English, but something like fortune to meet each other)” with many people I have met. I receive much appreciation for my work of sharing Sashiko – but it is also my appreciation to you for following & reading. As we continue Sashiko, our “En” will come across. The essence of Sashiko is this “En” – not only the pattern, result or technique. I keep stitching, and I can connect people, time, and “prayers”. Sashiko is more than a trend – and I am very happy that I can keep speaking up with good confidence. Photo: Keiko in Tsukishima old town.




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