January 12, 2023 at 08:52PM

I am not kind to those who look for someone who prepares “a meal” for them. Some even expect me to spoon-feed them… I am not here to offer instant & momentary gratification to satisfy a one-time need. In Long-Term, it isn’t sustainable from a cultural perspective. Instead, I share the recipes, how to cook from cleaning the vegetables to how to “season” it, and where & what to buy to have the same meals we are preparing for ourselves & our friends.

When one wants to try to enjoy “it” for one-time, they can enjoy it however they want. However, when one wants to “represent (teach it on behalf of)”, then spoon-feeding to someone in order to meet someone’s requests can filter the culture.

Anyone can practice Sashiko as we do. As “cooking” is like magic to those who do not cook at all, yet ordinary for someone who prepares the meals everyday for their family, Sashiko can be very ordinary to me. I am NOT a chef in a fancy restaurant. I am just a “grandmother” who welcomes you to offer her favorite recipes (whom you may have in your memories). I respect both the chef and “grandmother” – both are essential pieces to preserve the culture. Therefore, I keep saying, “Sashiko introduced in English is NOT wrong, but insufficient” – one good way to learn more is to join the Live Streaming on (almost) every Thursday at 9 pm ET.


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