January 06, 2023 at 10:33AM

[I want you to find your own answers to Sashiko instead of the answer someone made for their convenience or profit]. This is my reply to a question, “What is the right answer for Sashiko”. Unfortunately, some people are not happy with this reply. They even accused me of being “stingy” for not sharing the answers. I am understanding why this type of issue happens – it is because of our “belief” – and therefore, it is extremely important to share the stories from Cultural perspective.

Japanese believe(d) that every matter has their own spirit in it (Kind of Animism). We called the spirits “Kami (Sama)” as translated to “God” in English. However, “Kami” in Japanese and “God” in English are not always the same. “God” in Western Culture usually exists outside of our body – to worship. In my understanding, “Kami” in Japanese exists within ourselves – as everyone of us has our own “God” within. A mirror (Kagami) is something to reflect on ourselves. In Japanese, “Ga” can mean “sense of myself”. When you take out “Ga” from myself in the mirror (Kagami) – what is left there…? This may be a simple wordplay, but as Japanese has its long history as the language, I think it has more meaning than just a play. Listen to your own story instead of looking for fabricated instant gratification. When you are ready to do so, my stories will sink in more easily & you will find many more answers in what I am sharing.

「本音と建前」という素晴らしい(?)文化が日本にはあって、この本音と建前という二層構造が社会的に存在できる要素の一つが、「自分の声を聞く」ことができる文化だからだと思っています。絶対的な答え(唯一神)が自分の外に存在する西洋と違い、私達はなんだかんだ言って答えは自分の中にあると思ってたりします。だから必要以上に争わないし、結果として「本音」と「建前」という暗黙の了解が言葉になっているのかなと。ちなみに英語圏の方が「建前」の重要性が高いです。基本的に英語圏の社交的な会話の中で本音は求められません。(How are you? の答えに本音で体調が悪いとか答えるのは基本的にNG)。


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