January 03, 2023 at 09:22PM

In our Sashiko, most of the time we stitch from the “back (wrong/hiding)” side of the fabric. One of the core reasons for stitching from the back side is strongly associated with how Sashiko was developed – it was a stitching practice in the ordinary… which means “Not everyone wanted to do Sashiko”. So, finding the way to be “lazy” is quite important in the principle of Sashiko – as you won’t use a washboard to clean your pants when you have a washing machine hooked to cable & pipes.

Now, as we have so many choices, we can “choose” to enjoy Sashiko, and I am so happy that we can do so. However, it is important to acknowledge these stories, and especially the “ordinary people” behind them. There is no “universal answer” for Sashiko as some prefer top-load over front-load (in washing machine), yet we have similarity of “using it to make our lives easier”. If you find a way to make your Sashiko easier, apply it. Don’t suffer from stitching one by one to celebrate imperfection – it is too romanticized, I feel. This principle explains many wondering you may have – like why we do not use an embroidery hoop. There is nothing wrong with being lazy, and I hope you learn “how to be more lazy in Sashiko” from our Sashiko Class – Trust me – it works & will speed up your stitching.




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