January 05, 2024 at 06:38PM

In 2023, I focused on my own stitching. It was something necessary for me to rebalance my mission, hope, and even burden. As a result, I kind of neglected my business side activities… and there are quite many updates & announcements I want to make. As this account is mainly for the “Sashiko Stories”, I do not wish to keep posting the announcement for items, product, workshops & such… so if you are interested in Sashiko from a shopping & technical perspective, please also follow the business account @UpcycleStitches . I will share a purchase page for some colors of Sashiko thread like the photo soon (hopefully).

As I had shared in yesterday’s live streaming, in order to step into deeper explanation of what Sashiko is, I need to be courageous to talk about the “Spiritual” side of Sashiko, which is probably very natural & ordinary for us as Japanese, yet pretty Spiritual in Western Ordinary. As it is always a BAD IDEA to mix “Money” and “Spiritual” (unless the goal is to make a cult), I will focus on “Sashiko Stories” more here than ever. I will try my best to use both accounts here and @UpcycleStitches – so please follow both to get all the updates from me.

That being said… just one announcement I keep forgetting! I will be in Brooklyn next weekend on Friday (evening) Jan 12th and Saturday 13th for the 1-Day [Core & Essence] Workshop at @loopoftheloom . I cannot remember the last time I had a pop-up store… so it is a rare chance to see what we offer while touching them. Some of the items are going to be available for sale. I will make an official announcement once I know the exact time. I am very happy to be able to be there again!


そんな配信でもお伝えしましたが、早速2024年、運針会開催のご希望を頂きました。「2月13日(火)午前9時〜午後1時までの4時間弱」で開催できればと思っています。詳細はこちらのブログを一読下さい。(https://sashico.com/?p=4865)。運針は難しくないですし、私は怖くないです(笑)4時間あっという間だったという工夫も重ねていますし、運針に自信を持ちたい方は是非受講を検討下さいませ。希望はDMかリンク先のお問い合わせよりご連絡ください!(写真はビジネスアカウント @UpcycleStitches で紹介する予定の糸です!)

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