January 06, 2024 at 06:22PM

From time to time, I receive positive feedback about my sense of humor. I am merely a Sashiko Artisan… so I don’t have a list of jokes… yet, for me, humor is one of the most important elements of “survival”. In 2011, I learned that we can have hopes, even in desperate conditions, by having laughter & warm foods. Laughing is my “core belief (Shinnen)”, and I make a rule to myself to make my family laugh at least once a day (as a goal).

[The Office] is my English Textbook, and I respect comedians. If I had another life, it may be my dream to be on stage. While respecting the culture of Comedy, I try not to pursue the humor causing hurt/pain. My dream is humor without hurting anyone… I know it is idealistic yet I believe it isn’t impossible. [The Goes Wrong Show] on BBC is the recent hit for us in terms of this kind of humor.

A Japanese comedy “Rakugo” as “Story-Telling” is another style of humor without hurting someone much. Rakugo requires “Ochi”… which can be translated as “punch-line” yet not the same in my understanding.

The more I share Sashiko, the stronger I feel the power of “Stories”. Unfortunately, when a culture is simplified, many stories will be ignored (not-acknowledged). The Sashiko introduced in English today focuses on “Artistic Perspective” too heavily, and as a result they do not carry the stories. Sashiko is more than just “Oh Beautiful” – and I hope that I can keep sharing “Sashiko Stories” with as much humor as possible. I consider my workshop as my “Stage” to perform to “teach everything I have” – so, yes, I may repeat the same joke here and there!!




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