February 20, 2023 at 09:15PM

In 2017, I decided to Stop buying new clothes. Instead of purchasing a new one, I decided to “fix (mend)” it. More importantly, in order to avoid the mending (which isn’t the best joy to me), I am trying to add Sashiko stitching everywhere I can feel. Many say that I am doing a good thing for the environment & SDGs. Yes, probably so, but to be honest, Materialistic Sustainability (Care to Environment) is secondary. The primary reason is to see if Sashiko really makes the fabric strong – I knew it before as many Sashiko Artisans around me proved it to me, yet I just wanted to do it by myself, with my own stitching, throughout my entire life.

That’s the reason I wear almost the same clothes in events. In last 6 years, in most of the events like #QuiltCon, I have been wearing the same Denim shirt & Pants – the difference is the “weight” as I added quite a lot of stitching & mending. I wash them as “regular cloth” (not ideally but I put it in the washing machine… and even tumble dry… with detergent – which does NOT do so with Natural Dye). So, it shouldn’t be dirty at all! I am happy to share(?), let them touch the fabric itself as the Sashiko Stitched Fabric has a very unique texture. I will keep wearing them with more stitching & patches… oh, by the way, you know the word when I keep doing it & wear them in 20XX? It can be called “Boro” – or for sure “Boro Boro” as it is kind of the status at this moment. We can make an authentic Boro – Boro isn’t only from the past – we can make it for the future when we learn what we are doing.



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