February 20, 2023 at 08:12AM

I often receive requests to show the “Back-Side (Wrong Side)” of our Sashiko. I wonder if you realized the photo I had shared in the previous photo is the “Back-Side” of the Furoshiki Wrapping Fabric. Well, I also share the “Back-Side” whenever I share a video of me stitching Sashiko.

Many Sashiko Stitchers get surprised when they learn that we stitch from the Back-Side most of the time. We make stitches by looking at the “Wrong Side” of the fabric. There is nothing wrong with stitching while looking at the “Front Side (Good Side / Showing Side)”. I just want “them” to know that our Sashiko stitches from the Back Side – and there are so many reasons & stories for that.

I use the word “Wrong Side” to explain – however, in principle, we do not want to distinguish “Wrong Side” or “Right Side (Showing Side)”. They stitched Sashiko because they couldn’t replace the fabric so easily… which means they wouldn’t have the luxury to cover the “Wrong Side” of the fabric. So… they developed the skill & wisdom to make both sides as “Finished Side”. Therefore, we do not make knots. Therefore, we stitch from the backside.

It is true that they can have knots in Sashiko. That’s perfectly fine. However, when they teach, I hope they “can” stitch from the backside as well. Otherwise, these stories will be ignored, and worse “Lost” (if we weren’t speaking up). Some may wonder… how can they even make stitches if they are not looking at the “Showing Side”. They may say: “Well, it is because they have a good amount of practice”. Practice is important, but for this, the “mindset” is more important. Sashiko is more than just a technique to make even stitches – and I share the mindset & skill as a package in my workshop/Online Class.



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