February 18, 2023 at 10:08PM

I would like to keep this account as “Sashiko Story”, where you can read & watch the Sashiko we practice instead of a “Sashiko Business” Account. Therefore, I prefer to write a story rather than an announcement. Well… at the same time, thinking about “Business” is important to keep it sustainable. Periodically, please let me share our Business Account @Upcyclestitches for the latest update (which I don’t write so often… I focus on sharing stories here).

I will be out of the office starting 2/21 to 2/25 next week. If you would like to receive an order by next weekend or so, please place the order by 2/20. After that, I will process it after I come back from QuiltCon. I appreciate your understanding – I do all of the shipping process with my own hands.

It may be too “spiritual” for some, but I strongly believe in the “invisible” power – like energy, Qi, Reiki… you name it. I often get a suggestion to “outsource” the shipping & packing process. However, I would like to keep it the way I pack the orders with my own hands – while wishing that the customer would enjoy it. It is my sign of appreciation – and I hope that some may feel the same by me doing so.

For the Japanese, this “invisible energy” was something ordinary. In Japanese, when translating “treat the wound”, we say “手当てする (Teate)” – which can mean “Put Hands On” by following the Kanji Character. I am always inspired by hand-work – so I try my best to apply “hand” to many of my “ordinary” activities. Sashiko can be powerful because of this – all hand-made, with something invisible (for many, but may be visible for some).



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