February 22, 2023 at 12:32PM

Ever since Sashiko became my “ordinary”, traveling hasn’t been a boring time. We cannot bring a pair of scissors in the airplane. However, it seems it is okay to have a needle, thimble, and fabric. Japanese stitched Sashiko in their own ordinary to make their life somewhat better. They would probably have found something “meaningful” in their simple, mediocre, yet important time. 

Ever since I decided to “teach” Sashiko, the biggest joy I receive is a sense of community. In my childhood, I always felt lonely as if I was the only one (child) who (had to) stitch. It was the same when I was responsible for Sashiko Business in my youth. About 20 years ago, the society I was looking at was so small that I made it kind of hostile – I felt as if “the society” is telling me that the world no longer needed Sashiko – what my family did with staking their entire lives.

It wasn’t true, fortunately. I have met & will meet so many people who enjoy what I can share. However, I didn’t realize it until very recently – I thought what I received was so boring & mediocre. An event like #QuiltCon is a great opportunity for me to “try”. Believe it or not, I am an introvert. I try my best to be as “difficult” as possible here to preserve my messages & stories – but I believe many who have met me in-person find it quite different – and strange. I don’t talk this much in my “real” self. 

Very fortunately & honor to be part of the great community again where “Fabric/Textile Enthusiasts” are going to be in the same place. I feel that they are all my friends – as we all share the craziness that someone does not understand well (like my wife says “How can you keep stitching so long hours…)”. Again, I will do my best to share the Sashiko we have been practicing for our lives.




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