February 20, 2022 at 07:27AM

Because of my “interesting” life so far, I feel “the end (death)” by me all the time. It’s not the feeling of despair or “I want to end”, it is more like “Anything can happen” so that I have one more opportunity to achieve my mission. Sashiko Workshop/Class is one present that I receive from students to share a piece of my life. 

In order to make my ends meet, in order to support “Cultural Sustainability”, I teach for the fee. Teaching comes with responsibility, and teaching for free may make light of the “responsibility”. Of course, in an ideal world, I would like to be responsible & teach Sashiko for free, but Sustainability requires Circulation.

When my life ends & If you learn Sashiko from me, please share everything with anyone who you wish to. Share “Your” Story based on my Story, and take fees so that you can support the bigger picture of Cultural Sustainability. If you worry if you aren’t educated enough to teach Sashiko after taking my class, no worry. You are (You will be). I do not ask you to be me. I want you to pass down the Sashiko I have shared, and you have received. I sincerely appreciate @themqg for the great opportunity to teach. I am now enjoying the time of learning from others.



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