February 18, 2022 at 09:54PM

The 2nd day is completed at the #QuiltCon2022 (I am ready to go to bed after sending the follow-up emails). I am very happy to meet you (Sashiko) stitching friends, and reuniting stitching friends from my first Quiltcon. 2 years ago, I knew only a few people when I visited the QuiltCon. This year, many friends stopped by the room and shared their wonderful achievements (I can’t believe I forgot to take the photos with them. Well, I was in before/between the workshop… ). One picture with @benmillett , with the Jacket I couldn’t ask him to take a photo with. This year again! To be honest, I would never have imagined having many friends via stitching. I sincerely thank QuiltCon for making it happen. 

One more day to go. Since my workshop is between 9am to 4:30, and I do take lunch break, I have not been able to enjoy the QuiltShow itself. After clearing the workshop room, I do not have enough energy to walk around. I would like to try to be in the Exhibition tomorrow, 2/19 after the workshop, even a little bit. And then, on Sunday, again a little bit before my flight. It is a great honor to be here at QuiltCon, and I will spend another night preparing for the last workshop. 

つーかーれーるー。目の下の窪みが物語っております。ワークショップ後はそれくらい精魂尽き果てるのです。それでも2回目のキルトコンへの参加。 1回目の2020年は、ほんの数人を除いて初めて出会う方ばかりで、また全てが初めての経験でした。前回ご縁を頂いた方々が、わざわざ会いにきてくれる。これほど嬉しいことはありません。僕はまだキルティングの人間ではないですが、こうやって徐々に居場所が作れたらなと思うのです。


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