February 17, 2022 at 09:03AM

Congratulation to all the winners for the #QuiltCon2022 ! I cannot wait to see them in the show. Meanwhile, I focus on the final re-re-re-re-checking of Sashiko Workshops. Many kindly tell me that I am too hard on myself. They comfort me saying “You will be fine”. However, I feel like I have “One shot to share everything I ever wanted… Would I capture it…? or let it slip… (Super Bowl Half-Time show was just too memory-clicking those who around 40 now. hahaha).

I offer many workshops including online. It may be one of many workshop for me, but it is “The One Workshop” for those who generously invest their money & time. So, I guess this is what it is for me. No wonder some consider me as “Last Samurai in Sashiko”. (Please don’t spread this word since Sashiko & Samurai are very difference: and shouldn’t be connected without understanding the background, although I humbly accept the positive admiration). 

Although there are similarity between Sashiko & Quilting, Sashiko isn’t much part of Quilting. It is a sincere honor to be part of Quiltcon, and I would love to contribute my best to this beautiful community with what I have. I will keep it updated here.

無事キルトコンを迎えることができました。コロナとか気温変化とか、不安要素は沢山ありましたが、無事役目を果たす一歩が踏み出せたことにホッとしています。朝方3時に起きて、移動して、ホテルに着いたのは夜8時。国内でも遠いです。キルトコンの様子や思い等、このアカウントで紹介していくつもりです。短い思いや衝動的に撮った写真とかは、ツイッターで呟こうかと思っております。また違うSNSで恐縮ですが、もしツイッターやってらっしゃったら @atsushiJP をフォロー頂けると幸いです。インスタのアカウントの切り替えが面倒で。それでは頑張ってきますー!

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