February 15, 2022 at 11:57AM

My goal is pretty simple and straightforward: I want to pass down the Sashiko we have been practicing with “reasonable” changes (not by Cultural Filtering). One of the outcomes I am proud of is the emergence of rising artisans in Sashiko. Some of the Sashiko Items I use are made by students (now friends) who learned Sashiko from me. I sometimes even feel jealous how good they stitch Sashiko, but it also makes me happy how “possible” my goal will be achieved.

As Japanese Mingei defines, the true beauty of Japanese folk craft exists in the “Ordinary Usage” (用いて即ち美しい). I will be wearing Sashiko Denim, Sashiko Jacket, Sashiko bags… and that is the Sashiko I received, and we have been practicing. Another Great opportunity to speak up about the Sashiko we respect. I appreciate you here, keep listening to what I need (would like to) say. I will always be here, and one day at your place.

[Kinchaku Bag by @na.na_45. A few items by her is available @UpcycleStitches] ☆

今回の #QuiltCon に、この素敵な巾着をお連れすることができます。@na.na_45 さんのプレゼント企画で頂いたものが漸く米国にギリギリで到着しました。これまで何度かNanaさんの作品は手にしているのですが、英語圏での作品紹介の為の作品なので、私用では使っていませんでした。「刺し子の本質は生活の中の美」と言いながら、英語圏で購入頂く場合も考えると、ガシガシに使うわけにもいかず。今回は完全に個人のものなので、もう遠慮なく思いっきり使う予定です。大きめのバックルを付けて一緒に歩き回ります〜。



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